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Manganese (Mn) often appears mineral-laden waters, including acid mine drainage as well as other water supplies. It appears as a rust or black staining after environmental exposure. Meeting regulatory standards for manganese content in water is a constant challenge in a growing number of industries monitored for contaminating drinking and ground waters – particularly mining.

Removing manganese from water is difficult; it requires pH to be raised over 9.0 and extreme oxidization (sometimes 60 times more than the oxidization required for certain metals removal). In traditional systems, manganese oxidation can require residence time of 60 minutes at pH 9.5 and pO2=1.

Such treatment is expensive in terms of time, chemical and of course, cost.

The RCTS’s Phenomenal Performance in Manganese Removal

While being used for acid mine drainage treatment, the RCTS demonstrated exceptional success in removing manganese in 2007 operations. With water at pH 9.5, manganese was reduced from 150 mg/L to less than 0.5 in less than one minute using the RCTS-30HS and from 20 mg/L to less than 0.02 mg/L with the RCTS-60HS. The influent manganese concentration at the first site was ~ ½ the iron concentration, at the second site was more than 20 times higher than the iron concentration. The resultant pH after settling at both sites was less than 8.9 and could be discharged without further treatment.

The Advantages of IWT’s Technology

The RCTS for manganese removal presents a revolutionary treatment alternative.

Reduced residence time, chemicals and energy translated in to superior advantages:

  • Faster treatment;
  • Less energy expenses;
  • Better use of chemicals, particularly lime;
  • More cohesive approach to treat other metals and manganese in one step;
  • Affordable, portable manganese treatment in a self-contained unit;
  • Discharge standards met and exceeded!
The Better Solution for Mine Impacted Water

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